Premium comfort

Decorated in a contemporary palate, the architects have taken inspiration from the spectacular countryside. Your room features every possible comfort. The ambience is light and airy. Ambient views over rolling vineyards surround the estate, the design of each suite has respected the environment and maximised vistas over the countryside.
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Your own private retreat

Formally a nobleman’s home, the villa is being transformed into a world class private estate. All care has been taken to maintain the building’s history and integrity. Thick stone walls provide a cool retreat from the sun and create a nostalgic feel to its former history.


Platinum luxury. First-class service at your fingertips. Located far from the madding crowd yet effortlessly close to picturesque countryside and a gloriously pristine lake grand in proportion and natural beauty. A slice of Italian history surrounded by enchanting vineyards. Indulgences of epic proportions. Prestige experiences exceeding expectation. There is only one Magari Estates.