Living your Dolce Vita

Immerse yourself in Veneto life. Within close reach you can be in the canals of Venice in 60 minutes, touring the twisting roads of Lake Garda in 40 minutes, shopping in designer boutiques in Milan in 90 minutes. The countless small towns and villages that are within day trips from the estate make each day an adventure, whether it be exploring local markets or hitting the slopes in the alps. Closer to home, feast on the local food of Illassi Valley and wine from Veneto's finest vineyards.
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So many stories to learn

So many places to see. So many stories to learn. So many characters to meet. So much history to unfold. But time is your friend. There’s no rush. These Italian treasures will always be there when you decide it’s time to explore. And after each day is done, you return to the comfortingly familiar surrounds of the villa, your home away from home. 

Indulge your passion

Do everything or nothing, Magari Estates is about indulging in quality restorative time, satiating your passion for cultural and artistic pursuits, dreaming new dreams and turning them into reality. Chase thrills and get the adrenalin pumping on horseback, hiking, biking or watersports or go on a gastronomical adventures of Italian cuisine and savour all the local delicacies from farm to table. 

Full of surprises

Closer to home, feast on the local delicacies of Illassi Valley. Taste smooth-as-silk blends from a stellar wine list. Dine on essential plates of classic Italian fare imitated by many but rarely perfected. Learn the secrets of authentic Veneto cuisine prepared by celebrated chefs with the freshest of local produce.


It is your home away from home, your base in Italy or gateway to Europe, an escape where you are welcomed by familiar faces, where service is top tier, where staff are at the ready to cater to your every whim, desire and pleasure. The Estate’s luxury amenities, Venetian charm and extraordinary natural beauty present a one-of-a-kind destination to relish year on year.