Your time at Magari Estates is
about getting away from it all

Perfectly situated away from tourist masses yet conveniently close to local beauties such as Verona, Lake Garda, Milan and Venice, there is no place like Magari Estates to call a home base.  Go in search of serious Italian style, discover nearby UNESCO World heritage sites, picturesque villages and breath-taking scenery from the mountains to the sea.
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As well as proximity to urban delights, Magari Estates is perfectly positioned in the Veneto region to unearth age-old secrets of historical townships including Asolo, Bassano del Grappa and Castelfranco. Further North, Trento and the spectacular Dolomites, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in the world, offer some of the best skiing, mountaineering, biking and cycling in Europe.
Venice Lake Garda Verona Milan Trento Magari

Magari Estates

Located within the Illasi Valley, Magari Estates is surrounded by a vast sea of undulating green valleys that hints at the purity and richness of the land. Terraced hills stretching out to infinity provide a safe haven for vines twisting defiantly along the trellis wire. Heavily weighed down with ripe, plump grapes ready for harvesting.

Verona20 min

Once a military stronghold for the Roman Empire, marvel at Verona's abundantly rich collection of Roman monuments from antiquity, medieval and Renaissance periods. Clambering over the battlements of the Castelvecchio, ramble through the local markets History abounds Verona, the city of romance where Shakespeare's Romeo declared his undying love for Juliette.

Lake Garda40 min

Lake Garda provides you with an abundance of enchanting locations to fulfil your desires for action or relaxation. Jagged tempests encircle the northern tip, a prime destination for the hangliding, windsurfing and paragliding adventurer. Vineyards, towns and orchards hug the widening lake, bringing with it Mediterranean Rivieras and flower-lined promenades that invites La Dolce Far Niente, the sweetness of doing nothing.

Milan90 min

In search of life's more frivolous but potent pleasures, the incomparable Milan awaits your presence. One of the great design capitals of the world, luxe style is in this city's DNA. Italy's finest and most luxurious designers are all based here. Milano paradiso is there to be devoured. Savour a sumptuous dinner for two on a rooftop terrace whilst appreciating Milan's Duomo from above, your eyes feast on thousands of pink marble statues and spires.

Venice60 min

Indulge in a truly Venetian escape skimming across Venice's lagoon in a stylish, varnished-wooden boat and head to Giudecca for fried soft-shell crabs with white polenta, prosciutto, orecchiette with baby shrimp and fried scampi paired. A tour around Venice's Ducal Palace leaves you in awe as you take in the sheer extravagance and size of its interior.

Trento80 min

Just 80 minutes from Magari Estates is the city of Trento, a compelling juxtaposition of Italian and Austrian cultures that make up its tumultuous history. Guarded by the majestic Dolomites, Italy’s most spectacular mountain range, picturesque national parks and two rivers, Trento is a joy to discover on bicycle in the summer and ski in the winter.


Platinum luxury. First-class service at your fingertips. Located far from the madding crowd yet effortlessly close to picturesque countryside and a gloriously pristine lake grand in proportion and natural beauty. A slice of Italian history surrounded by enchanting vineyards. Indulgences of epic proportions. Prestige experiences exceeding expectation. There is only one Magari Estates.