Dreams do come true

Magari Estates members are travel aficionados, who demand quality living in all forms. Memberships are limited to the select that will be able to live the exclusive dream that is Magari Estates. There are three levels of membership at Magari Estates: Soave, Valpolicella and Amarone.
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Indulgent Spa
Soave7 nights12 bottles2 x spa treatments
Valpolicella14 nights24 bottles4 x spa treatments
Amarone28 nights48 bottles12 x spa treatments
Accommodation, spa and wine allocation are per annum based.


Ideal for the busy individual who takes that yearly sabbatical to unwind or refuel, Magari Estates is your home base as a beginning or climax to your greater European escape.


The Valpolicella member is a travel aficionado, a frequent visitor to Europe looking to balance business and pleasure. The 14 nights accommodation allowed each year provides the opportunity for experiencing Magari Estates and surrounds to a finer grain of detail. 


For the serious connoisseur, Amarone membership affords you the Italian villa lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about, without the strings attached. A generous accommodation allocation allows you to truly live like a local, immerse in the local way of life and establish a home away from home. Create a new cherished family tradition, coming home to Magari Estates.

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