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A ten minute walk from the Magari Estates Hotel, you can visit the Fasoli Gino Winery and discover all the places where the magic of wine begins.
Founded in 1925 and dedicated to the production of wine in Verona, the Fasoli Gino winery has been using the organic method since 1984 and the biodynamic method since 2006: no chemical pesticides to ensure a natural balance of the soil, thus strengthening and revitalizing the plants, promoting biodiversity.

Besides visiting the vineyards and the barrel cellar, visitors can also taste the full range of organic wines in the atmospheric setting of the Wine Shop. The Fasoli Gino Wine Shop is the perfect place to let yourself be guided through a world rich in history and tradition and of unique and moving flavours. The various rooms were created during the renovation of the old winery and the fruit-drying loft where the grapes for the San Zeno Recioto wine were once dried. The charm of the old, marries perfectly with the new, more modern lines, preserving the soul of a building that has been used through many different eras.

Discover Fasoli Gino

Dating back to the 16th century, the wine cellar at Magari Estates will let you get in touch with our identity: here, the historic cellar with an evocative 'vaulted' ceiling preserves all the Fasoli Gino wines in a setting where past, present and future meet and merge.
Our experts will be happy to accompany you on aperitifs and tastings to illustrate the characteristics that have made our organic wines unique.

You can book tastings from Monday to Saturday at 5pm at the Fasoli Winery or at our Cellar in the Hotel. The tastings will be accompanied by appetisers

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